In All You Do – Our Work Makes a Difference

In the first days following the fire that destroyed my floral design studio, the thought of trying to rebuild was overwhelming to me. The majority of my inventory was gone. My cooler, now covered in black soot, was ruined. To say I was sinking into a situational depression is probably too mild a statement. It took me most of my adult life to get to a place where I could finally do the thing I loved, and now it was gone. I started to question whether my work, what I deemed my calling, really made a difference anyway? Would the effort and energy it was going to take to bring my business back to whole really worth it?

On one of those dark mornings, my daughter-in-law sent me a text with this video attached:

Even before the fire, occasionally I echoed the thoughts of the woman in the video, but watching it that dark day, I was reminded that God gives each of us particular talents and abilities, and we are to use them for His Glory. If we are doing this, than our work, whatever it is, matters.

“Everything you say and everything you do should be done for Jesus your Lord. And in all you do, give thanks to God the Father through Jesus.” Col. 3:17  

As the days have passed, the rebuilding has started, I’m restocking inventory, and two weddings for two beautiful brides have been successfully completed. I have stopped questioning whether or not to put things back in order again. I know I am blessed to find great joy in the work I do, it brings beauty to others, and I want to do my very best to honor God through it. 

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do”. Eph. 2:10