Hello! I’m Catherine, and welcome to Pauly’s Pond, where My Beloved and I live. This blog is my way of sharing the incredible life we live here. I like to write, and now that I have my website for my floral design business up and running smoothly, I wanted another outlet to share thoughts, reflections and experiences. So, here I go . . .

Pauly’s Pond is just that . . . A pond. In Minnesota. The Land of 10,000 Lakes. In some places, The Pond would be considered a lake, but we have so many in Minnesota, Pauly’s is only a pond. According to Wikipedia, a pond is a body of standing water, either natural or artificial, that is usually smaller than a lake.  Well, it’s not Lake Superior, but is is big enough for 20 homes to surround. And we are one of those 20.

We have been here almost five years and have loved every day. We love the ducks, the Canadian geese, the bald eagles, the egrets and herons, but not the muskrats. They like to raid my gardens. The deer and the rabbits also feast on the garden, but I can tolerate them. Perhaps it’s the name. MuskRAT. At any rate, it’s a busy place with wildlife sharing our neighborhood backyards.

Pauly’s is a great place to curl up in a comfy chair with a cup of coffee in the mornings, and in the evenings, relax on the back deck enjoying a colorful sunset. It is close to the international airport (utilized often for our travel), ten minutes from everything downtown Minneapolis has to offer and a short drive to lots of small restaurants for the foodie in us to savor.

We savor our warm summers on The Pond, but even in the cold of a Minnesota winter, it’s still a fun place to live. This past season there were four areas cleared of snow for ice skating and hockey playing. Trust me, winter in Minnesota must include hockey, so we are good to go on Pauly’s!

Often, our adult children and the Littles (the grandchildren we adore) join us for Friday at The Ox. (Our home is referred to as “The Ox”, because of the name of our street, and because this family attaches nicknames to things, places and people endeared to us.)  It’s our time to catch up, share a meal and maybe a movie or some sort of game.

We know life is good. We know God has blessed us. And we know all is well on The Pond.